Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trying to Knit Socks

I want to knit socks. I love socks! I think that new socks are the greatest more wonderful thing in the world. Sometimes I think about what I would do if I was very rich, maybe travel around the world, give lots of money to charity and buy designer cloths, things like that. But the one sort of little extravagance that I would allow myself would be a new pair of socks every day of the year (except, of course, for the days that I don't wear any socks at all). So know that you understand my sock rant it's a little more clear on why I would, so badly, want to learn how to knit socks. What's better then new socks??? Hand knit new socks of course.
ut here we come to my problem, I can't be act like a normal beginner knitter and find a basic, learn-how-to-knit-a-sock-pattern, noooo I have to find the hardest sock pattern I can find, and on top of that I'm going to try and modify it to fit my foot, the product...
Socks that have cut-off-the-circulation-to-my-feet-cuffs and I'm not so sure about the heel flap, it may be giant it may be perfect, I really don't know enough about socks to know. Now for the hard part. Do I frog them completely and start new? (the practical, logical answer) or do I learn how to knit short rows and finish them to admire purely for their first-pair-of-socks-knit- status? I don't know usually anything I have to frog I put in my knitting shoe box (which is really a boot box) and leave it there until the day that I'm no longer lazy and want to reknit them. But this is beautiful Jitter Bug hand dyed yarn and it would be just plain cruel to shoe box it. Ok I will frog it, but just one last look at the pretty Pomatous fishy scales.

I don't know if the picture is clear enough, but it's ok. I feel like I spent ages working on this cuff, or maybe it's just because the last time I worked on it was ages ago.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I need to blog more

After ages and ages of no blogging and very little knitting I have decided that I must try to blog more. I spent since I spend most of my time on the net reading blogs, the least I can do is contribute back to the blog community for sharing so much with me. Other blogs have taught me how to cable, steek, and numerous other techniques that I can't remember right now.
The only problem now is that I don't have any knitting to show!!! I think having a camera would help. But I do plan to cast on Forecast as soon as I get a job, make some money, and buy the yarn. I'm going to use Cascade 220 in possibly a soft brown or camel colour, so it looks neutral and tweedish. Maybe like this. I don't actually know yet, I'll have to see how I feel when I go to my LYS.

There have been some small projects that I have been working on lately. Starting with my cable scarf knit in beautiful Noro. Unfortunately the cables got all fudged up and I don't yet have the heart to frog it. So as soon as I can find my cable needle I'll get back to it. I don't know why but I can't keep a cable needle for my life. I've gone through about 3 of them so far on this scarf alone. Maybe my cable needles go where socks go. I can see it now cable needles and socks sitting on a beach somewhere laughing and drinking martinis while I did through the couch cushions.

I'm also still knitting my little sisters stocking stuffer from last Christmas, but it's ok she won't mind.... as long as I finish it before she goes back to school. Also my boyfriend won't let me buy any yarn or start any new projects until I finish it (grrrr!!!). So here is it's current state. You can't really tell how long it is from the pick, but you can see where I'm getting the chart from (IK summer '06). It's baby alpaca, so soft, so pretty. I can't wait to finish it, just a few more repeats, then I can buy yarn, yay!!!

There are a bunch of other things that I want to knit before exams this year as well. Including the Blue Skies sweater from IK online free patterns. I don't think that I'm going to use the same chart and I still have to learn how to do short rows, but I would like to knit it. Ok, i think that's enough rambleing for today...