Friday, October 12, 2007

Cherie Amour and Pomatous Update!!

I have no time whatsoever to knit with midterms this week, but I have managed to get some pictures together of my knitting progress. Fist up I'm loving my Cherie Amour even though it doesn't look that great on, I'm hoping that it hangs nicely with the shoulders sewn together. I still have to finish the back though, but I can't figure out where in the chart or lace pattern I left off, I've tried a few times, but it keeps messing up half way through the row. I think I must have made a mistake before I started the left front. I'm not really into frogging so I'm just going to start lace pattern #2 again and hope that nobody notices a thing. But on the good side the yarn is a beautiful colour, soft, and warm, so I think I'll love the end result!

Then there is my Pomatous, which slowly but surely should be finished by Christmas. I know that this is a sad progress since I started it in May, but I had no idea, untill about August, how to do short rows. And since I'm knitting about 3 or 4 things and taking courses and attempting to have a social life, these poor socks have been left behind. The one I finished is way to tight, but I figure that first socks can't be perfect.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm in WOOT!!

YAY, I'm in!!!!!!!!! Ravelry sent me my invite today, so I guess the invite process goes pretty fast. Unfortunately I don't have a camera at the moment to document all my stash and get it up on there. On the other hand I don't think it would be wise for me to waste anymore *cough* hours *cough* on Ravelry today. Since I still have to write a few or more essays for next week.
Anyways I just wanted to shout it out to the world how happy I am, and if you haven't been invited yet, I'm sorry for bragging but you should get you're invite soon.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

To knit or to study

I wish that I had more time to knit and more money to buy yarn with. I started Cherie Amour a couple of weeks ago and it is knitting up pretty quickly, unfortunately I haven't had the time to finish it. Midterms are around the corner and since it's still 25 degrees outside.... that's not fair. Midterms should only be given when it's too cold to go outside and play. So instead of knitting I spend my evenings reading (or staring at) textbooks on philosophy, psychology, Greek culture, and English literature... ok it's not that bad. It's more just the fact that I HAVE to read it. It's not like I'm just this brilliantly cultured girl who spends her evenings indulging in interesting and classical works. It's that I'm this girl who is enslaved by her overbearing workload and has no time to knit... hmph!

Anyways, enough of that rant, in knitting news... besides Cherie Amour coming along I'm also now a member of The Sexy Knitters Club YAY!! I've ordered my yarn for the Zepher girls' Tree Jacket from Knit Picks and will be expecting beautiful cranberry red merino, silk, alpaca any day now. It's the same yarn used in the picture. I couldn't really afford the yarn but my boss was a total *cough cough* to me the other day and I had to cheer myself up somehow.

Also I checked my Ravelry status and I'm not really sure what #25946 on the list means, it seems like there is a lot of people in line ahead of me, so I will continue to wait as patently as I can.

Found you!
You signed up on August 15, 2007
You are #25946 on the list.
1603 people are ahead of you in line.
14307 people are behind you in line.
59% of the list has been invited so far

Anyways, that's all for now. I'll try and borrow my boyfriend's camera and get some progress pics up soon.