Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Since I have been attempting to pass my exams, my knitting has slowed down. To the point where it almost never happens. I have however reached the arm shaping so I'm feeling that I might a have a complete deep V argyle sweater by next Monday. I know that's a long way off, but I'm going I'm going away on Thursday and I'm not coming back until Sunday. I figure with 5 hours of free time (on the train) I can knit like there's no tomorrow. But for now it's back to the books.
For now here's the cutest kitten I've ever seen, it belongs to my sister's house. Not that I'm a cat person. My dog could totally eat that cat, but I don't think that that's a good thing either. Now just to be fair to Jaeger, although he kept me up half the night banging on his door to wake me up to tuck him in. Yes that's right he likes to be tucked in. I tried putting a stop on all this over pampering of the dog. But my mother insists that we continue to treat him like royalty. Ok so that might not be the best picture, but at least you get an idea of his absolute cuteness.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

In all my knitting years, which have not been very many I have never seen anything as wonderful as the knitting blog. And now since I have absolutly no time at all, (because I am smack dot in the middle of my finals) I've decided it's a great time to start my own.
I can now finish my pieces because I'll feel bad, if I don't show any of my readers (if anyone ever decides to read my blog) my FO's. It's also a great time to start a knitting blog because my boyfriend and his digital camera are moving back to TO and I can know take pictures of my knitting as well.
For my first post, I will post all of my unfinished knitting th
at I hope to one day be completed.
* This beautiful monkey face is part of a napsac from Stich 'n' Bitich, and since I hate sewing things together, I managed to lose the rest of the bag in the past two years that it's been sitting in the knitting-corner of my room.

* Next we have my 'Hurry up Spring' armwarmers, that quickly got ripped up and knit into funky legwarmers. I think they are soon to be ripped up and knit into a funky little felted (oooooooooh I so badly want to try and felt something) purse. Maybe something from stich'n'bitch nation. I love the colours in this yarn it's so pretty. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out so well, I have a lot to learn about lighting.

And lastly for the moment I am currently working on Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vest . I actually knit a swatch before I started it, my very first swatch ever, and my very first steak ever too!!

Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen, ok maybe not. I got a little carried away when it didn't unravel. But it didn't unravel!

* Here is my vest, Ok so I am a little further along on Enny's vest. But this is the latest photo I have of it. I got all excited when I reached the bottom of the V, so I decided to switch to dps. Let me ask you this: WHAT was I thining? Not only did I switch to dps, but aluminum ones at that. And my pretty flat rows with no bunching and good tension are gone. It's all fugly now, I only hope that the blocking gods take pitty on me. And if I ever knit it again I will be fully stocked up on bamboo circular needles of every shape and size to keep my knitting pretty and my hands happy.